Hi NRI's let MYRA lift the weight of hectic Selling, Buying, Maintaining, Joint Development and Investment process for properties, that need you to spoil your peace and vacation time in dealing with brokers, tax compliances, government officials and more... Again Let us lift the weight so you can spend quality time of your vacation... 

Property disputes of NRI’s have arisen drastically over the time in India as land prices soared to new heights. Most of these disputes are either encroachment disputes or these are cases of fraud practices of builders, property dealers, government officials harassment and real estate agents. In certain parts of India, real estate prices have been steadily rising in this two decades. Property disputes have become major cause of NRI litigation 

There might be lot of questions in your NRI mind that need answers before you makeup your mind to buy property or invest in India.

  1. Can an NRI purchase or own a property in India?

  2. Types of properties, where NRIs or PIOs can invest

  3. What is Joint ownership?

  4. Continuance of ownership of property, after becoming an NRI

  5. What is FEMA Act?

The recent times we have seen an interesting new trend in the whole NRI property dealing. NRIs from North America and Europe coming to India to sell their purchased or inherited real estate after they obtain citizenship in these countries. It makes perfect sense if looked into it. Holding on to real estate is not always feasible if one is unable to manage them let it be safeguarding it or maintaining it or renting it and that too in country where NRI land grabbing

What Is Joint Development?

Joint Development is a process/procedure where a landowner contributes his land for the construction of a real estate project and the developer undertakes the responsibility for the development of property, obtaining approvals, launching, and marketing the project.

Who Benefits better from Joint Development, Owners or Developer?


NRI owners of Indian properties Face numerous number of difficulties in managing their own property in India.

  1. Not sure how to get repair and maintenance of the property done

  2. Dealing with Govt Departments like Municipal Corporation for water charges, property tax payments, clearances and more.

  3. Electricity Board Dealing with Builder and or Society.

  4. Property Maintenance market in India is very unorganized and NRI Property owners are afraid of unscrupulous brokers and afraid that Tenant might spoil or 

There might be lot of questions in your NRI mind that need answers before you makeup your mind to invest in India, let it be MF’s, Property, Stocks, Startups or investment of any sort.

Different reasons of why NRI’s Invest in India

  • For building a corpus for retirement and having financial security.

  • Utilise your savings to invest and get the best possible returns.




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  • MYRA Properties NRI - Buy or Sell
  • MYRA Properties NRI - Buy or Sell
  • MYRA Properties NRI - Buy or Sell