There might be lot of questions in your NRI mind that need answers before you makeup your mind to invest in India, let it be MF’s, Property, Stocks, Startups or investment of any sort.

Different reasons of why NRI’s Invest in India

  • For building a corpus for retirement and having financial security.

  • Utilise your savings to invest and get the best possible returns.

  • To flow the money back to your relatives in your own country.

  • For establishing financial assets in your home country that are yielding wonderful returns.

  • To make sure your hard earned money starts making money for you.


Types of Regular Investments NRI’s bet on

  1. Real Estate

  2. Equity

  3. Derivatives

  4. ETF

  5. Mutual Funds

  6. Bonds and Government Securities

  7. Certificate of Deposits

  8. National Pension Scheme

  9. Insurance


Get all these questions cleared and to know which option is best for you by just ringing up MYRA.


WHY do NRI’s prefer MYRA?


MYRA is has a team of investment experts, one who understands the intricacies of the investments in India, one who has extensive transaction-based experience, Hawk eyes on the market for best possible hunt. So, you need MRYA, one who can provide the right kind of guidance to achieve investment objectives.

Services MYRA provide as NRI Property Consultants:

  • Invest by leveraging the highest level of professional knowledge, commitment, passion, and creativity of MYRA TEAM

  • Provide NRI’s with creative insights and recommendations regarding the highest and best investment options.

  • Structure deals, including tax deferred exchanges, to achieve the tax and subsidy benefits you desire.

  • Explore investment opportunities and options dependent upon your objectives

  • Ensure that your transactions aligns with current laws and regulations.

  • Achieve the maximum return on your investment.

  • Deliver professional transaction services with integrity, enthusiasm, and superior service.




MYRA - NRI Property & Investment Consultants

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  • MYRA Properties NRI - Buy or Sell
  • MYRA Properties NRI - Buy or Sell
  • MYRA Properties NRI - Buy or Sell
  • MYRA Properties NRI - Buy or Sell